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The Benefits of Tenant Screening Services

The Benefits of Tenant Screening Services

Salt Lake City, UT, has one of the largest tenant populations with 47.8% of people renting a home in 2020 as opposed to owning one. However, just because the town has a lot of renters, doesn't mean that they are all trustworthy. 

If you want to find the best renters then you need a tenant screening process. 

Read on about how a screening service can be beneficial for you.  

Reliable Information

You might meet a potential tenant, have an interview, and even review their paystubs. But, these strategies for finding the right tenant can be deceiving. 

People can lie and forge documents to give the appearance of a credible tenant. A friendly demeanor hides possible issues when it comes time for collecting rent.

That is why you need to do more than attract tenantsyou also need to verify they are telling the truth. A tenant screening service can pull official reports regarding past rental history, current employment status, and even criminal records.  

Fast Turn-Around Times

Your Salt Lake City rental property loses money when it isn't occupied so filling it fast is a priority. However, you never want to settle with a tenant just to get someone moved in. 

Luckily, a property company that offers tenant verifications quickly provides you with the necessary information to make fast choices. This will also keep the right tenant from choosing another property while waiting on your decision.  

Always Accessible and Convenient 

They are many ways to perform a background check on a tenant but not all reports will show you valuable information. You want to ensure that this information is accessible and easy to obtain.

A proper screening service tells you what you need to get the tenant report and is specific about the results. This makes tenant screening as simple as clicking a button on your computer screen.

Peace of Mind

In Utah, only 1.9% of long-term tenants have stayed at the same location for more than 20 years. While this is rare for most renters, you do want to keep a good tenant and not have to go through the process again and again. 

By screening tenants, you increase the chances of having chosen one that will last for a few years. And, you can also rest assured that the tenant will maintain your property during their lease. 

Limit Evictions and Liability

If you do allow the wrong tenant to lease your property this could lead to an eviction. This is a legal process that takes time and may involve various fees. 

The wrong tenant can also cause damage to your property or disturb neighbors. These actions could also lead to legal action and eventually cost you more money. 

Reduce your chances of having to remove a bad tenant or repair your property by verifying renters beforehand. 

Getting Started With Tenant Screening 

Collecting information for tenant screening is simple when you work with a reputable property management company. You will be told what information is necessary while staying within privacy parameters. 

Start by viewing our management plans that include tenant verification services.