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Do Property Managers Cover Repair Costs for Your Property?

Do Property Managers Cover Repair Costs for Your Property?

Property managers typically charge between 8% and 10% of the total fees required for their services. These are mostly from maintenance and repair fees.

Are you a property manager and want to know more about how covering repair costs helps you manage your property? Then, we're here to tell you.

Read on to find out more about property management services and how they cover costs for damages.

How Do Property Managers Cover Maintenance and Repair Costs?

The cost of maintenance is typically included in the property manager's fees.

If a particular repair is needed, the cost gets removed from the reserve repair fund. This is a different account set up for property managers to keep money specifically for repairs. Here are the different ways they manage their money when it comes to repairs.

The landlord:

  • Chooses to allow for all deductions from the account
  • Asks for advice when repairs exceed a certain level
  • Enable property managers to use the account as and when needed

What’s the Role of Property Managers in the Repair Process?

A property manager is in charge of not only gathering rent but also taking control of repairing damages done to the property. Then, you can enjoy living in the property hassle free and know that all of the repairs are dealt with efficiently.

If you don't have repairs fixed as soon as possible, they can lead to even bigger problems later on. That's why it's always in your best interest to contact a professional property management service right away. Then, you can be sure that the matters are dealt with immediately.

How Does Maxfield Property Management Cover Repair Fees?

At Maxfield Property Management, we take of rental repairs. We cover the following:

  • Pet damages
  • Maintenance fees

We guarantee up to and beyond $2,000 for all damages caused by pets on our properties. That way, if your pet does get out of control, we've got you covered! You know you're in good hands when you choose us.

Every maintenance repair required is handled with proficiency. Our expert property managers will get back to you as quickly as possible for home repairs with no additional fees. That way, you can be sure that you're covered if damages occur that aren't your fault.

Our clients are always happy with our service - that's why they keep coming back. We offer top-quality maintenance and repairs so that you'll receive satisfaction with how quickly we handle the faults.

Contact Us to Repair Your Property Immediately

If you've got damages, you'll need the help of a property manager. We've shown you why property managers are needed for repairing issues with your property and how we cover the costs for repairs.

Now, you know why we're the property management company for you. So, you should have no trouble getting on board with us and having your property kept well-maintained.

Want to join the rest of our clients that are more than satisfied with our service? Contact us today! We'll cover the right amount of costs for any damages you incur.