Rental Fraud

Don’t Be a Victim to Rental Scams

If you answered an ad for a rent amount that is less than our posted rent on our website then you have been a victim of a RENTAL SCAM.

Never give personal information or monies to persons claiming any of the following:

  • The price is “Too Good to be True.”
  • The person claims that they are getting rid of the Property Management Company
  • They are not available to meet you in person and communicate with you by text
  • They are using a google voice number or other suspect methods of communication
  • They ask for information typically found on a rental application prior to allowing access
  • They tell you to enter the property by not using a key box because it’s not working
  • The pressure you to send or wire money immediately after seeing the property
  • They claim to be out of town or have moved
  • The photos professional and you can tell they were cropped to avoid the company watermark.

Maxfield Property Management is licensed by the State of Utah and can be verified online through the State Real Estate website.

Our rental listings are on our site. Applications can be made through our website

This property has surveillance cameras hidden and your vehicle information has been recorded. Removing this sign or anything from the property is considered theft and will be reported to the local police department.

If you think you have been a victim of Rental Fraud - please report the ad to the website, local authorities and us at or Call 385.276.500 Option 4

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