Pet and Animal Policy

Maxfield Property Management requires ALL HOUSEHOLDS to complete a third-party screening and review process. This process ensures that we have more accurate records while creating mutual accountability.

Pet Screening

Pet is a third party provider of pet screening and evaluation. It allows customers to consolidate and manage information about their pets.

At least one individual must complete the documentation, regardless of whether you have No Pets, Household Pets or Assistance Animals.

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We understand that your pet is part of your family. Compliance with our pet policy, communication and transparency is of the utmost importance. Pets are negotiable for all units, ,unless prohibited by the Property Owner and/or governing body such as an HOA.

Any approved pet(s) require all tenants to sign a pet agreement, pay a monthly pet fee and pay an increased security deposit. Maxfield Property Management reserves the right to deny any pet for any reason. You cannot substitute a pet without letting us know immediately.

Unauthorized pets or animals are a breach of the lease and will be considered a Class A Lease Violation and subject to a $500 Fine for each occurrence.

Pet Fees

Unauthorized Pet or Animal Fine $500

Authorized pets will be charged fees based on a FIDO Pet Score for each pet. The FIDO Score is an algorithmic number that measures the housing-related risk of each pet.

FIDO Score

Monthly Fee

Non Refundable Fee


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Pet Fee Surcharge

Unauthorized Pets

Service Animals vs. Pets

Maxfield Property Management is happy to accept accommodation requests for both Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals (ESA).

Service Animals are not pets but not all pets are Service Animals.

A Service Animal is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Service Animals have been referred to also as support animals, guide animals and hearing animals.

A Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a companion animal that provides therapeutic benefit to an individual with a mental or psychiatric disability. The person seeking the emotional support animal must have a verifiable disability (the reason cannot just be a need for companionship).

Approve Service Animals and ESAs are not considered pets under the law and as such Maxfield Property Management DOES NOT charge Pet Fees or DOES NOT require increased deposit.

Applicants that have a Service Animal or ESA should apply under the Assistance Animals link at