Moving Out

Your stay with us is coming to an end and we want to help facilitate a smooth transition. Carefully following these instructions will help ensure that you receive the largest possible refund from your security deposit.

Every tenant wants a full refund of their deposit, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Most problems come from lack of proper cleaning. Move out time is busy and stressful, and tenant(s) fail to follow the checklists to ensure the property is delivered in a re-rentable condition.

When property is not returned back to us in Hotel Clean condition, effectively you are now hiring us to do the work for you and as such you agree to the contractors we use and their prices.


Please provide us with written notice of your intent to vacate the property, pursuant to your lease terms, by mail to our P.O. Box or send an email to with “VACATE NOTICE” in the subject line. Please include your name and phone number along with the date you plan to vacate the property in the body of the email.


Please provide us with written notice of your forwarding address prior to vacating the property by mail to our P.O. Box or send an email to with “FORWARDING ADDRESS” in the subject line. If you fail to provide us a forwarding address, we will send any refund to the last known address. We are not responsible for delays or lost mail. A Check Cancellation Charge of $75 will apply to any re-issued checks.


Remember that your Lease requires that you keep utilities on in your name until midnight of the End Date of the Lease or even longer if your move out is delayed beyond the End Date or any agreed to extension. Please check your lease for details.


All keys to the property (including garage door openers, mailbox key, and clubhouse key) need to be returned to us on the day of move out. We will not consider the property vacant until our office has received your keys. Your property manager will be in contact with you to arrange to collect the keys on move out day.


Per your lease you are required to have the carpets cleaned, with one of our trusted vendors using a truck mounted system who can address additional issues as needed at the end of your tenancy.

We make this simple by scheduling the carpet cleaners the day of your move out. As a courtesy, if your account is current, we will deduct the cleaning costs from your security deposit and provide a copy of the bill. We add a 10% service charge; however, our contracted rate is much less than typical cleaners, so you will end up saving money. You must have all carpeted areas cleared off by 11 am of the End Date of your Lease.


You are required to deliver the property to us in a re-rentable condition. Attached you will find a detailed list of cleaning instructions. This list was compiled to explain what is expected of you and what we will be looking at during the move-out process. Move out clean includes cleaning the property to a standard you would find for any hotel.

If you choose to clean the property yourself, you may be liable for additional cleaning charges. When you have someone else clean, you need to specify a move out deep clean. A few hours of having someone clean will not remove your obligation - you are still required to deliver the property to a re-rentable condition.

If the property has ANY cleaning issues, our minimum cleaning fee is $150. To avoid being liable for cleaning charges, you can have us schedule one of our preferred vendors and pay for the cleaning directly to them and provide us a copy of the receipt at move out. Typically, cleaners charge about $200-400 for an average size home to do this. If we find a problem we will ask our preferred vendor to return, at their expense not yours .


April through October, you are responsible to deliver the property with a recently mowed yard (within 3 days of move out). Of course, all sprinklers should be operational pursuant to your Lease. September through December leaves should be raked up, and driveways and sidewalks should be cleared from snow and ice in the winter months. You are responsible for winterizing the sprinkling system and for preventing frozen pipe s.


If you leave within 30 days of your end day, please notify us, turn in your keys, and we will be able to perform the walk-through inspection and may be able to return your deposit sooner. If we are able to re-rent your unit within your time of obligation, you will get the rent for the overlapping period refunded to y ou.


Your lease requires that you vacate the property by 5 p.m. on the End Date. Check your lease for details. Garbage/Recycling bins must be empty on day of move out or you will be charged $75 per receptacle that is not em pty.


You do not need to be present during the move-out inspection. However, if you would like to be present for the inspection, please call us at least 3-5 days prior to your move out to schedule the inspection. We cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate your schedule. You will be charged a missed appointment fee if you schedule the inspection and the property is not ready when the inspector shows up; in addition, if the inspector cannot inspect the property at the scheduled time, then it will be performed after you vacate the property.

When you moved in, you may have completed a detailed move-in inspection checklist. Once we have completed the move-out inspection on your unit, we will compare it to your move-in checklist. Any damages noted upon move-out that were not there when you moved in will be deducted from your security deposit.


Your final Security Deposit Disposition Letter will be mailed to you within 30 days of your End Date. In addition to any cleaning charges that may be assessed, the following items will be deducted from your security deposit if they are not paid before Lease termination: Late fees, any outstanding invoices, unpaid utilities, unpaid rent, NSF check fees, common area charges, any legal fees that you may be responsible for, and any damage to the premises. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list—other items also may be deducted pursuant to your Lease.

Thanks, and good luck with your move!

Download Move Out Checklist