How to Get Your Mail Box Keys

Properties with Community Mailbox

There should be a small brass key for your mailbox with your other keys. This is generally the only copy that we have.

For new construction or when a key is not available, tenants should take a copy of their Lease to the post office that services their mailbox and inform them that you need the lock replaced or changed and that there are no keys.

The post office will send someone out to replace the mailbox lock and deliver to your residence or keep the new key at the post office until you can pick up the new keyset.

There is generally a charge for re-keying the post office box. Submit your receipt to to have the cost up to $30 reimbursed by us for the new lock.

If your key is worn or damaged you would notify the post office for a replacement.

If you have any questions regarding getting your mail keys, please contact our office at 385.276.3500 option 4, text us at 620.374.9729 or email us at

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