Signs you may have a trouble or bad tenant:

  1. Tenant has been late with rent more than once
  2. Tenant does not respond to messages or phone calls
  3. Tenant is refusing access
  4. Tenant is constantly complaining or gets angry
  5. The neighbors are complaining
  6. Tenant burns incense or has windows open in winter during inspection
  7. There are more beds than the number of people legally on the lease
  8. The Tenant moved in a pet without telling you about it
  9. Tenant tells a sob story to make you feel obligated to bend or change the lease terms or rules
  10. They offer to do repairs in exchange for rent

We put the Landlord back in control

We will respectfully work with tenants to bring them back into compliance with their lease terms ultimately putting the Landlord back in control. If needed we will bring the tenant into compliance with the lease terms or properly evict the tenant.

While we are successful most of the time to work out an acceptable arrangement to get rid of bad tenants, occasionally we need to pursue eviction. When this happens, bad or troubled tenants can and most likely will leave the property in need of clean up and repair. We have vendors that can restore and make your property rent-ready in a matter of days to minimize vacancy costs.

Let us handle your trouble or bad tenants

We are experts at handling difficult or trouble tenants. Owners are surprised at how effective we are at negotiating with tenants to get caught up with rent or move without damage to the property. For this service we charge a flat $350 plus expenses for bringing the tenant back into compliance and/or overseeing the eviction process, if needed.

With our Pro Management Plan or Asset Management Service you will never pay for an eviction again when you request our SureVestor insurance plan.

To turn over your trouble tenant call 801.523.6900 Option 2 or fill out the contact form .

Turn Over Your Trouble Tenant